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ISOTECH Co. Aluminum & Glass initially established in 2004 in Lebanon with a specific objective in mind by a dedicated, ambitious and devoted individual to later become a full fledged enterprise specialized in all Aluminum and Glass works.

From fabricating and installing the basics, such as doors, windows and panels, to engaging in new profiles for commercial shop fronts, all the way to production and delivery of turn-key glass and aluminum solutions for high rise buildings and exotic residental projects.

Covering all aspects and phases from design and fabrication to installation and delivery, ISOTECH proudly raked a multitude of project sizes in both the private and public sectors, handled specialized aluminum profiles technically, professionally and in an optimized timely manner.

  1. Inception of ISOTECH Glass & Aluminum Co.
  2. Expanded factory with more office space
  3. Moved to new larger facility
  4. New computerized machinery
  5. First regional project (KSA)
  6. Cortizo RCN STAC
  7. First project in Kuwait using Cortizo profile
  8. ISO 9001-2015 Certification + Expansion of factory
  9. ISO Certification: ISO 45001-2018 - ISO 14001-2015
  10. Started operation in KSA

Based on our wide experience in the aluminum industry and knowledge of the versatile profiles and accessories from multitude worldwide suppliers, in addition to market requirements and changing demands, we are determined to be a reliable source for all your aluminum and glass fabrication needs. By offering turn-key solutions, ISOTECH commences from design assistance in any project size and from the recommendation of the most suitable aluminum profile and glass specifications to supplying, manufacturing and installation of the end products.

Wide Experience

Our priority is to insure the highest quality at all times while retaining cost-effective approaches. Since all of our suppliers are globally recognized, reliable and dedicated to quality, we focus our attention to the importance of quality as well as on constant encouragement to our staff to engage in frequent training programs on new emerging systems, machinery, design and manufacturing methods. Our investments extend further to management system to insure our continuous improvement.

Highest Quality

At Isotech we merge our experience, know-how and business integrity with every technical ingredient of each project to deliver unmatched quality at un unprecedented scheduled deadline to guarantee long-term reliability and confidence.

Long-term Reliability

To expand and spread out to new markets and territories, while setting a standard of excellence that raises the bar when it comes to customer service, industry knowledge and craftsmanship.

  • To maintain highest international standards in production, installation and maintenance and continuously seek innovative solutions in Production Methods and improve product lines.
  • Safeguard our integrity and honesty as well as promoting our partnerships with our customers, suppliers, developers and consultants, both locally and internationally.
  • Pursue the pinnade commitment levels in every task we undertake for each business entity we deal with.

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is one of the most important factors of success thus we sustain the strictest quality control.


is achieved when our products perform as intended and function adequately for a long period of time in any environment without failure.


is an essential ingredient in management and production workflow.


is essential to well perform from management, all the way to accomplish advanced tasks relating to sales, services, and production.


in regularly engaging in regular seminars, conferences and subscribing to training institutions.


in various aspects such as social, economic, and environmental.